Purpose of data collection, processing, and profiling Pulselinks is an event management platform and provides the means to collect data that is primarily intended to be used for the purposes of planning, organizing and managing an event or for the purposes of managing the registration and attendance of a participant in an event including making hotel bookings, travel arrangements, payments processing where applicable. The determination of the data to be collected and how it is used is under the control and responsibility of the Client and Data Controller.
- All information collected about individuals are gathered through Pulselinks forms
- Information may be loaded via interfaces to other Client systems e.g. membership databases and/or authentication system
- Pulselinks does not possess or use data about individuals from external sources.
Data combination and profiling:
- Pulselinks as a platform does not profile any individuals, all data collected serves only as a contact information within an organization
- The Client and Data controller may be combining or profiling data. Please refer to the Client portal GDPR compliance information


This Client Privacy Policy describes how the Demo entity with whom you have entered or will enter into a contractual arrangement (“Demo”) uses personal data of representatives of clients of the Demo Group (“Representatives”). The policy describes how we may obtain Representatives’ personal data, the types of personal data we may obtain, how we use, share and protect the data, the rights of Representatives with respect to the data, and how to contact us about our privacy practices. This Policy does not apply to personal data other than those relating to Representatives. Our clients may disclose other personal data to Demo in connection with services we perform for them or on their behalf.